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I Am Marcus Fox: Cover Reveal

I Am Marcus Fox: Cover Reveal

The ancient adage “Never judge a book by its cover” is intended (mainly, I think) to teach some grander life lesson about how people (not books!) are multi-layered. Your first impression of some nearby human might leave you with a sour feeling. “He’s a grumpy puss,” you think. “A rigid and intolerable jerk!” Well, dig a little deeper, my sweet, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that the object of your disdain is, in fact, a little less of a prick than you originally surmised. If you find that to be true, then honey, you buck up and marry that fine smelling trash! But before you do, go and thank your Momma. For she’s the one who always told you…

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

It’s a very old saying, indeed. Don’t ask me to date it. It is perhaps the best idiotic idiom since bread was sliced. Unless it predates a good, cut loaf? Regardless, I ask that you put aside any preconceived notion about cover art representing the story within. At this moment in time, this is my debut novel’s sole representation! I will not take offense if you judge to your heart’s content. In fact, I hope you do. Because frankly, I would gladly fight by my cover’s side, were the two of us stuck in the trenches together, nay, in a FOX hole. I know this cover’s got my back ... and front!

Enough! I’ve delayed the reveal for far too long.

Today, here and now, I present the cover design for I Am Marcus Fox. Pomp, circumstance, shoo!

Ba-Bam! Alakamazoo! And so forth.

Here she is:

FOX Cover LO RES.jpg

I’m happy to have that sit here for awhile and let it speak for itself. But if I were to write words, they would be humble in nature. They would speak, in short, of the ethereal magnificence that has manifested unto this design. Yea! All who have ears, hear me! This cover design has come unto us from on high! The gods of good taste and literature have deemed this design unseeable to the average human! If you can see it, you are within the lucky 0.00005 percent of demigods who do not burn in its presence. It is, by its very essence, a thing of infinite impossibilities, birthed in the hallowed halls of celestial beings we dare not strive to know!

LOOK AT IT! LOOK! Now look away. NOW LOOK AGAIN! Throughout the remainder of your days, you will never again glimpse perfection such as this.

And yet, I won’t speak of it. Not humbly, nor otherwise. I will say that I do adore the design as it boasts the best art that has ever graced any of my previous novels!

Ahem. This will be my first published novel.

Silence! This cover means business. It has to. Because Marcus means business. And he’s a tough character to open for.

The Designer Behind The Cover Design

The book cover was designed by a good friend of mine who claims to be Megan Dorazio. Megan also designed my Twitter banner and Facebook header image. She did so, I assume, because we go way back and I guess she liked my book. If the cover intrigues you, then please stay alive and well until May 7. At that time, you will be able to purchase an e-book or paperback copy (dealer’s choice) of I Am Marcus Fox in a strange and untamed sub-world the natives refer to as Amazon.com. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

If you yourself have written a novel about time traveling zombies in love or a work of non-fiction about masochistic butterflies of 16th century China or any such compiling of words that serve some final purpose and you’re on the lookout for a stellar cover designer, I am willing to share Megan’s contact information with you. If you’re interested.

I should probably ask her if that’s cool first. Please hold…

<Insert whatever music you like to jam to here.>

Yes! Megan says she is available for freelance work. If her stupendous cover design is not enticing enough, please check out Megan’s Instagram by clicking the embedded link four and five words prior to the previous appearance of the word “embedded” in this sentence.

Does Instagram have a contact page? I don’t believe so.

Feel free to click my contact page link that you will find embedded in the following two words: contact page. Did that work? Super. I’ll forward your message to Megan and the two of you can work things out. I no doubt expect to see your very own cranium-exploding cover design in the near to distant future. Godspeed, fellow author.

In Review

Hey, did you see my rad cover?! Does it make you ask all kinds of questions? Questions like:

“What is this novel about?”
“About this novel is and could be, I wonder?”
“Do lions dream of eclectic sheep?”

My friend, I love the thinks you think. You are among the inquisitive class of reader that poses only the finest queries. Fear not! All will be revealed soon. For now, I thank you for indulging me my exuberance.

I Am Marcus Fox
A novel

Available for human consumption

May 7

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