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Labor Day For Whales

— Captain! There’s something terribly wrong with Madame Marmalade! She’s moaning and crooning a seasick wailing tune that can only be described as “unfortunate for one’s ears.”

— Really, Thompson? That’s the only way it can be described?

Happy 4th Of America!

If my calculations are correct, it’s just about 7:30 p.m. EST on this current year’s 4th of America. That means it’s still light outside because, you know, farmers require their ever-lovin’ sunshine to sow their night crops of barley, hay, and thyme. Or something. I forget how most things, including Daylight Savings Time and a well-balanced mentality, work.



Hundreds, nay thousands of blog posts later…

That’s a wrap, people! Thank you one and all for coming. It’s been a hard fought few decades to pull this thing together. But I think the final product speaks for itself.