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Comedy of Errors — Acts I, II, III

For a comedy, it sure starts out inside a barrel of overly zealous monkeys!

This soggy dude named Aegon comes waltzing up to Duke Solinus and tells a harrowing story of how his ship was wrecked and his sons were killed in the disaster. At first it sounded like his wife had just given birth to twin boys and then a few hours later, some other woman gave birth to two boys as well. So I thought we were in for a romping good time with a mistaken identity show.

Antony And Cleopatra — Acts I, II, III

The first word in this play is “Nay.” A guy named Philo comes out and says “Nay, but this dotage of our general’s o’erflows the measure.” He goes on to say more but I just had to stop and appreciate that some guy I don’t know from Adam is immediately in my face and disagreeing with me. Hey Philo, did I tell you your general’s dotage was overflowing with measure? Nay! I did not, sir! So take it back a step, will you? All right then, let’s read the play!