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Always Writing

Are you a writer? It’s ok if you haven’t admitted to yourself that you are yet. And it’s perfectly fine and normal if you haven’t yet admitted it to anyone else! In fact, I’d be surprised to hear if you do go about proclaiming your self-prescribed title to everyone you meet.

How To Write Fiction — World Building

Dear fiction writers (especially those who are struggling to complete a first draft — I’m looking at you, world builders),

I’d like to talk about one of the biggest impediments to my progress toward finishing the first draft of my sci-fi novel. I will do so in screenplay form, because the distance dulls the pain.

Please enjoy Backstory: The Movie!

Happy 4th Of America!

If my calculations are correct, it’s just about 7:30 p.m. EST on this current year’s 4th of America. That means it’s still light outside because, you know, farmers require their ever-lovin’ sunshine to sow their night crops of barley, hay, and thyme. Or something. I forget how most things, including Daylight Savings Time and a well-balanced mentality, work.

The One With All The Kitty Cats

It seems that most successful blogs do a lot of Buzzfeed-esque writing. Since I don’t have the staff or the mindset to deliver clickbait content about Jennifer Anniston’s latest hairdo (does she still have hair?), I’ll have to supplement with another trick I’ve learned from perusing other blogs: create a worthless list.