Airplane Mode

To whomever (or whatever) is listening, reading, watching, be gentle with us. We are but single-consciousness individuals who go about our days and nights glued to screens and gadgets. To wit, we are mostly harmless.

Obligatory 9/11 Post

Even though I had a front row seat to the smoke, I was probably affected no more or no less than every other American, ally, and free-loving citizen. My eyes well up just as yours do. We are all in this ghastly, heart wrenching memory together.

Labor Day For Whales

— Captain! There’s something terribly wrong with Madame Marmalade! She’s moaning and crooning a seasick wailing tune that can only be described as “unfortunate for one’s ears.”

— Really, Thompson? That’s the only way it can be described?

Comedy of Errors — Acts I, II, III

For a comedy, it sure starts out inside a barrel of overly zealous monkeys!

This soggy dude named Aegon comes waltzing up to Duke Solinus and tells a harrowing story of how his ship was wrecked and his sons were killed in the disaster. At first it sounded like his wife had just given birth to twin boys and then a few hours later, some other woman gave birth to two boys as well. So I thought we were in for a romping good time with a mistaken identity show.

The Importance of Reading Comprehension - Shakespeare Edition

What’s the point in reading if you aren’t enjoying it? And how can you enjoy a story if you aren’t understanding it? This isn’t a trick question. Fictions — well-written fictions, anyway — are created with the intention of pleasing the reader with an interesting tale. If you are struggling to grasp what is being conveyed on the page, then maybe you’re just not into the work. It’s OK, you can move on.

Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood

I’ve got a couple hours to myself today and I am spending them by eating lunch and going to see the new Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood. The moon and the stars have aligned and I am able to see my first movie out in ages and ages. I’ll even do you one better than that! The last time I saw a movie on opening day weekend was… well, maybe it’s never happened before. Not in my recent adult life anyway. And by recent I mean the last decade or so.

Always Writing

Are you a writer? It’s ok if you haven’t admitted to yourself that you are yet. And it’s perfectly fine and normal if you haven’t yet admitted it to anyone else! In fact, I’d be surprised to hear if you do go about proclaiming your self-prescribed title to everyone you meet.

How To Write Fiction — World Building

Dear fiction writers (especially those who are struggling to complete a first draft — I’m looking at you, world builders),

I’d like to talk about one of the biggest impediments to my progress toward finishing the first draft of my sci-fi novel. I will do so in screenplay form, because the distance dulls the pain.

Please enjoy Backstory: The Movie!

R.I.P. Alfred E. Neuman, Print Periodicals Pending

Until today, I never once wondered what the E stood for in Alfred E. Neuman. Upon learning the news that, after 67 years, Mad Magazine is cutting its production to “year-end specials” for an undetermined time, I cranked up the creaky Google machine to learn (quite to my satisfaction) that the eponymous E, believe it or not, stands for “enigma.”

Happy 4th Of America!

If my calculations are correct, it’s just about 7:30 p.m. EST on this current year’s 4th of America. That means it’s still light outside because, you know, farmers require their ever-lovin’ sunshine to sow their night crops of barley, hay, and thyme. Or something. I forget how most things, including Daylight Savings Time and a well-balanced mentality, work.