I am Marcus Fox.jpg

When I was six, my Momma tossed me out of a low-flying plane.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't deserve it.

Wrenched from dust-choked, Texas ghost towns and discarded in a lush Zambian forest, Marcus Fox became a welcome member of the fearless tribe that saved him. With the help and guidance of his new people, he learned how to fight for survival, hunt for his supper, and repress the scars of his abandonment. As he grew to premature manhood, familial betrayal came calling once more, leaving him broken and alone, yet again.

With the past never behind him, he'll venture down a twisty, bone-scattered road in search of the infernal woman who started him on his tortured path. Perhaps she has some passable answer to his one pressing question:

Who is Marcus Fox?